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C100 Studio
Anglerstrasse 6 RGB
80339 Munich, Germany
+49(0)89 65309520

For new business enquiries please contact: jobs@c100studio.com
f you like C100 Studio to hold a lecture, workshops or curate an exhibition please contact: lectures@c100studio.com
General enquiries: hello@c100studio.com

Currently we are not recruiting new staff or interns.
Since C100 Studio is a rather small team and we are usually pretty busy we are not able to respond to job/internship enquiries immediately. Thank you for understanding.

Former of C100 Studio: Adam Pobiak, Katharina Konte, Antje Lang, Roman Burger, Alexis Felten, Navina Pernsteiner, Marco Kawan, Élise Rigollet, Quirin Vodermayer, Anna Karmann.

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