Discipline: Interior / BoothDesign
Client: Fiat (for agency Millhaus)
Info: For the launch of the Fiat 500 L we created The Designgarage, a mirrored room for experience, making the world of the Fiat 500 visible and experiencable in a unique way. The Designgarage was exhibited in Cologne, Hamburg and Mannheim.
Project Management: Millhaus
Creative Direction & Graphic Design: C100
Creative Direction & Product Design & Production: Atelier Steffen Kehrle


121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Mannheim_12 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Mannheim_49 IMG_2856_A IMG_3417 FIAT Designgarage Hamburg IMG_2886 FIAT Designgarage Hamburg 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Kîln-1_5 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Mannheim_11 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Mannheim_20 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Kîln-1_4 IMG_3237 IMG_3575 121102_Fiat_Designgarage_Mannheim_10 120919_Fiat_Designgarage_Blania_11