Discipline: Catalogue Design
Client: Horst Wittmann
Info: For artist and product designer Horst Wittmanns exhibition “3me2you1thing4sale” we designed this catalogue. Since this conceptual exhibit refered to the internet phenomenon “Unboxing” the catalogue had a very special finish with UV prints, special foldings, a leporello / booklet combination and cutting edges. It follows the same concept of the exhibition by being blank at first sight, has to be opened (“unboxed”) and unfolded to finally give insight to the exhibited cabinets Horst Wittmann designed. Meanwhile the viewer is also confronted with the still photos of this very special clip of an lady in a bikini who filmed herself while unboxing an iMac, which was audible by an iPhone attached to a wall.

Wittmann2 HW5 Wittmann1Wittmann3 HW3