Discipline: Editorial Design
Client: Textbau Verlag
Info: Since issue three C100 Studio is responsible for the Art Direction of Mucbook, a magazine for young people between 20 -50 years. Each issue is focused on a specific topic. Keep scrolling, here you will find pictures of double pages from almost all issues. Enjoy.

                                                  mucbook6_titlemucbook6_13 mucbook6_2 mucbook6_3 mucbook6_4 mucbook6_5 mucbook6_6 mucbook6_7 mucbook6_8 mucbook6_9 mucbook6_10 mucbook6_11 mucbook6_12Mucbook1Mucbook2 Mucbook3 Mucbook4 Mucbook5 Mucbook6Mucbook_Januar2016_CoverMucbook_Januar2016_4Mucbook_Januar2016_7Mucbook_Januar2016_1Mucbook_Januar2016_89Mucbook_Januar2016_6Mucbook_Januar2016_2Mucbook_Januar2016_8