Discipline: Editorial Design
Client: –
Info: Siren is a xeroxed copy zine, which gathers a collection of free works we illustrate/design/photograph during the year. Some of them were initially drafts for clients some of them are just sketches. For each issue Siren also invites guest submitters. In the past these were designers Vier5 (Paris), designer Bob Sanderson (Sheffield), photographer Andreas Hosch and photographer Florian Seidel. Issue 3 is coming out in January 2016

Siren#1_FrontcoverSiren No1_01Siren No1_10Siren No1_06Siren No1_03 Siren No1_04 Siren No1_05Siren No1_08 Siren No1_09Siren No1_11Siren No1_Backcover Siren2_01 Siren2_02 Siren2_03 Siren2_04 Siren2_05 Siren2_06 Siren2_07 Siren2_08 Siren2_09 Siren2_10